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  1. Mercury Cougar XR7 1995 Can someone identify this part?

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Hi, I'm new to this forum so I hope i posted this in the right spot. Can anyone identify this part? I recently had an altercation with a curb that broke a tie rod and my rim, and now the back end tire doesn't sit straight when I let it off the jack. I looked at both sides and found this piece to...
  2. Tire Brand / wheel width

    Wheel & Tires
    I think it's appropriate to replace the 30 year old tires I'm currently riding on(!) I've decided on Mag 500 rims, but not sure what width is best? The tire I had in mind is 225/60R15, BFG Radial TA. Any opinions for 7 or 8 inch wheels? Also, any input on tire brand and style? Thanks!