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  1. Engine runs like crap on accelertion now.

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Installed a Pertroinx II to in my 67 289 ran great last time I drove it. But now it has a nasty vibration and makes the radiator support shake like crazy when I rev the engine sitting still. I put the timing mark at TDC but the rotor is on the other side of the dist. compared to #1. Rotated the...
  2. Engine dies after ignition install

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Installed a new Autolite distributor, cap and rotor while installing a Pertronix Igniter III today. After setting the timing to 10* BTDC I hooked the outer diaghram of the vacuum advance to the carb port and plugged the inner diaghram since i'm missing the valve near the thermostat housing that...
  3. New distributor

    Classic Cougar Tech
    My timing chain skipped two teeth 2 weeks ago and messed up the distributor gears. So i pulled the motor and checked everything and cleaned it out. Well i put my new distributor in and it wont start regardless of what i do. I have tried to time it manually but still nothing. What could be...
  4. Engine Issues

    Classic Cougar Tech
    So I was driving home from school on the interstate and my car felt like it missed for a quick second proceeded to drive another 100ft backfired 3 times and cut off. Had to get it towed home. I suspected my timing chain skipped or broke since i have replaced all electrical components. I took...
  5. Timing causing problems

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Its a 73 cougar xr7 So yesterday i was driving down the road on the MOST busy road in my town at 5 oclock and my cougar just dies without warning and wont come back on!! i had my uncle look at it for me and we rebuilt the carb and it ran. it acts like its flooding the carb bc i dont think im...