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tie rod

  1. Disc brake pedal or power booster pedal?

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Quick question fellas, do I have to change the pedal according power or manual brakes or is it changed because its going from drum to disc? I currently have a power booster pedal assembly and I'm curious to if I have to change anything involving my pedals. I'm asking because I'm on the cusp...
  2. Tie Rod kit

    Classic Cougar Tech
    I remember there being a complete tie rod kit on Ebay that I can't find anymore. Does anyone else know where to get a good deal on the entire tie rod system?
  3. Front end suspension help

    Classic Cougar Tech
    I have a 73 mercury cougar xr7. im replacing the front suspension on both sides and was told there is a special way to do it or i could get hurt fromt he shock or something? Any tips or advice? id love to have a step by step if anyone would be willing