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tail lights

  1. Classic Cougar Bodywork
    Can anyone help me figure out, short of bumper removal, how you replace the tail light bulbs on a 72 xr7 ? Thanks for the help. Chris
  2. Classic Cougar Tech
    Does anyone know if you can use the LED type bulb to replace the 1157 bulbs on the tail LAMPS for brake and turn signals? Mine are very dim and I'm concerned about safety. Any help greatly appreciated! Thx Chris
  3. Cougar Community Discussion
    I installed six plasma bulbs in the tailights of my '68 last night into the outer three sockets on each side. When I turn on the turn signals in either direction, they work sequentially as expected, but there is no clickey clickey sound inside, and the indicator light in the dash lights up and...
  4. Blog
    All, The left rear brake lights and caution lights won't work on my 72 Cougar, but everything else works. Replacing the bulbs did not help. Is this likely a failure in the sequential light unit? Thanks, Dave [email protected]
  5. Classic Cougar Tech
    Ok so I know I'm new here but I've been reading and learning. Three weeks ago I bought a 1970 XR-7 Medium Ivy Green with white vinyl top and white interior. I will create a more formal post introducing myself and my car later. My credentials are below :) ...
  6. Classic Cougar Tech
    anyone have an easy way to redo the black portion of a 67-xr7 tail lights and front gril too?
  7. 68 rear

    68 rear

    the back end. i took apart the taillights recently to clean & polish the lenses. (they are original). i think it paid off.. not bad for a 38-year daily-driven survivor
  8. Silver rear tail lights

    Silver rear tail lights