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t5 swap

  1. Correct Brake pedal for T5 conversion?

    Classic Cougar Tech
    I have a '68 XR7 that I'm converting to factory power disc brakes, and from auto-trans to T5. Years ago I pulled a power brake pedal out of a '68 automatic that looks like this: If I...
  2. 1969 Vert Factory 3 speed to T5 or FMX Swap Opinions

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Howdy all, Current setup. Factory 3 speed, manual 4 drum brakes, manual steering and 351w pleasantly modified. As winter aproaches I am looking at a project to keep me busy for a few months. With my back injury the manual Z bar clutch on my factory 3 speed is just too dificult to push over...
  3. c4 to t5 tranny? Or?

    High Performance
    Looking to upgrade my transmission. Something under 1500.00 and not to complicated to install.