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  1. General Cougar Discussions
    I just got a 1967 cougar, she is powered with a 289 single 4 barrel carb. she has been modified a bit ( oversized cam ). I am looking to a lot of work and would like to start with the suspension. Has anyone changed out the original front suspension and steering to rack and pinion and coil over...
  2. High Performance
    I was planning on using TCI's front end kit, but it is not compatible with a cleveland as the front sump . This is my workaround:
  3. Classic Cougar Tech
    Welp. Don't know why or how but my speedo cable got wrapped around my rag joint. The cable got stuck inbetween the bolts tieing my steering wheel and the steering box together and ripped it out of the speedo gauge I'm pretty sure (haven't had time to take it out and check) . And now I don't have...
  4. 69-70 Parts for Sale
    I've got two 1970 428 CJ/SCJ complete HBA-BR power steering pumps (pump, reservoir, and dipstick) that were just rebuilt and tested by Rode's Restoration, who provides a one-year warranty. I'm in the process of painting them using a special batch of correct-color paint and should have them...
  5. Classic Cougar Tech
    My tie rods ends are wiggling and giggling al over the place, I mean its going to pop any day so I stopped driving it. Whats parts do I need to get things back in line? I'm going to be doing a granada front disc brake swap, I already have the spindles and calipers and plan on buying some cross...
  6. 67-68 Parts for Sale
    Manual steering drag link, 1 1/8" Sector Pitman arm, roller idler arm. If you want manual steering, this is a great chance to get it all at the same time. These were put on my car about 1 year ago and has not been driven that much. PM if interested! Thanks.
  7. Classic Cougar Tech
    Has anyone installed a grant removable steering wheel setup in their Cougar? Does anyone know the model number of the adapter from Grant Steering I would need for a 1968 cougar with a straight steering column? I want to be able to just push the button on the adapter and walk away with the...
1-7 of 7 Results