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  1. Classic Cougar Tech
    hi there, i have the stock rear end in my 68 xr7, 351c engine. im looking to get a new one, id like more power but id also like to do longer drives with it like 100+ KMs so which gearing will give me the most power while keeping the rpms low enough on the highway for comfortable driving? thanks
  2. Misc. Parts for Sale
    Hey guys I was building a 347 stroker for my Cat, but I gotta sell my parts to repair my Cougar from a recent accident. The block is a hydraulic roller, magnafluxed, hot tanked, bored .30 over, honed and decked, line bored, new freeze plugs and new cam bearings. It's been painted Ford blue and...
  3. Misc. Parts for Sale
    I have an AOD transmission from a 1990 5.0 Thunderbird. By the looks of the torque converter, seals and the fluid it was recently rebuilt (Pink and shiny). I'm asking $350 + shipping. let me know guys :)
  4. High Performance
    Quick question, how does a bigger or smaller pulley effect my superchargers? I don't want to run too much boost but I want a good kick...Also is anyone familiar with how to hook up the psi gauge?
  5. High Performance
    Just curious about the carrier housing compatibility. It seems like it would work if but I know some differential guru will know better. please elaborate!
  6. High Performance
    Anybody running 400 HP, C4 with shift kit with a 9 inch equalock rear and 3.55 gears? I'm getting ready to gut my cat and I think I might go with this combo. This is somewhat my daily driver so I'm trying to find a good combination of daily driving and Sunday night racing... I heard AOD will...
1-6 of 6 Results