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  1. Classic Cougar Tech
    Hi y’all, I came up with a interesting way to run aftermarket 3 point seatbelts so there is minimum modification and no big ugly retractor. The set I got was the generic CJ Pony Parts $200 seat belt kit, I also had to buy two bolts from the hardware store for the top point of the belts that fit...
  2. Cougar Community Discussion
    I was reading this article about installing a 3-point set of seatbelts in a '67 mustang: I noticed that this author used a set from a Hyundai, which only has two mounting points on the floor (one for reel and one at...
  3. Parts Wanted
    Looking for a set of Rear Seat Black Deluxe Seat Belts for 69 XR7 Convertible in nice shape.
1-3 of 3 Results