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  1. Cougar Community Discussion
    VIN 7F93S591368 65B Q 6B 19D 21 1 U Car has been sitting in a garage for 30 years. Medium blue with dark blue interior. 390 4V C6 trans, 9 in rear end. Very very solid, no rust. Right rear quarter has been repaired poorly. May need to be replaced. Looks like maybe mice living on the...
  2. Cougars for Sale
    FAST! Beautiful even with some cosmetic issues. Headlines open after sitting a while. I'm buying a house in 1 month so I'm offering this on Cougar forum for a VERY reasonable $9,800. Was offered more when I didn't want to sell. This car is garaged near Raleigh NC and I live at the coast...
  3. Typical Car Show

    This was a local Classic & American car show recently here in Blighty. We were there early to avoid traffic and typically out numbered by Mustangs by 3:1 already, by lunch time it has risen to 12:1. They don't know what they are missing, or in some cases what they are looking at, a picture of my
  4. All aboard

    Despite having the remote cameras mounted to the windscreen, one section required the cameraman, Soundman, producer as well as Paul Jones to drive through Halifax (Yorkshire) whilst filming, other takes were just Paul on his own or Paul & cameraman
  5. Cougar on TV

    My cougar was recently used by the BBC in a documentary about Champion Jack Dupree the Blues Legend. The program was presented by Paul Jones ex frontman of Manfred Man and current frontman of The Blue Band as well as being a TV & Radio presenter
1-5 of 5 Results