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  1. 69-70 Parts for Sale
    Located near Tampa, FL. I also have assorted Cougar related things. I can be reached at 6312762471.
  2. Cougars Wanted
    My 1968 hardtop needs a roof transplant. Looking for a complete donor roof to replace my roof that's rotted out in the sail panels and in the lower corners of the rear window. I'm located in upstate NY. I would prefer a roof from a non-vinyl top car, but a nice clean one off a vinyl top car...
  3. Parts Wanted
    I need a roof for my 1968 standard hardtop. Does anyone have a roof that is available? My car is a vinyl top car and the sail panels have rotted out above the rear quarter panels and the lower corners of my rear window are rotted out too. I am located in New York state. I am looking for a...
  4. Classic Cougar Bodywork
    I recently picked up a 68 XR7 parts car with the only thing good on it being the body panels and roof. I already removed the front quarters and doors but how do I remove the rears? Also I need to remove the roof as my current cougar has the "vinyl top of death" and barley holds water.
  5. Classic Cougar Tech
    So, who can illuminate the houndstooth options for me? What years were the interior and tops available? How many colors? Pics?
1-5 of 5 Results