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  1. About time already (a long road to restored)

    Cougar Community Discussion
    Hey guys, after 15 years of thinking I was going to get started on wrapping up restoring my 68 XR7 that I started in 1998, thwarted by trying to start a business, having kids, building a garage, etc. I'm finally moving forwards. Going to post up as I go for any advice, suggestions, heckling...
  2. Fuel Pressure/Engine running rough

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Would a drop in fuel pressure make the engine run rough ? I think I'm getting enough fuel just by looking at the fuel filter before my carb. The timing is on ticket, but it started doing it today on the way back from home from my shop. Vacuum gauge reads 17 and all the hoses are in tact...
  3. Rear Engine Cougar?

    Rear Engine Cougar?

    Here's the trunk during the month long rebuild