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  1. Hot to Tell Axle Spline, Diff Questions

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Does anyone know how to tell how many splines are on an axle? I've got a 67 Cougar with what I believe is an open 3.00 8" diff. I'm just curious because I found a complete 8.8" 31 spline rear diff from a Crown Vic on CList with Posi and 3:23 gearing for 200 and a set of 3:73 gears for 150. It'd...
  2. Wanted: Set of Rear Seat Black Deluxe Seat Belts for 69 XR7 Convertible

    Parts Wanted
    Looking for a set of Rear Seat Black Deluxe Seat Belts for 69 XR7 Convertible in nice shape.
  3. Rear sump oil pan question

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Hey guys, I'm putting in an independent front suspension on my '68 and using the engine from my '67. I need to use a rear sump oil pan. My 289 actually has 1965 as the date stamp on it. The kit I'm looking at says fits 1983-2001 blocks. Question: Have the oil pan bolt pattern been changed...
  4. Can an 87 8.8 posi unit work inside a 65 9 inch?

    High Performance
    Just curious about the carrier housing compatibility. It seems like it would work if but I know some differential guru will know better. please elaborate!
  5. Junkyard mods...Police interceptor rear end

    High Performance
    Theres a 2007 police interceptor (Crown Vic) in my local pick a part with the rear end still in it. After giving the wheels a few spins I noticed that there all posi. After looking it up online, wikipedia says they ll came with 3.55 gear 8.8. can those be swapped into my cat like how some...
  6. 1965 thunderbird rear it a 9 inch

    Classic Cougar Tech
    I found what i think is a 9inch rear end in the pick a part today but I can't remember the identifying difference is between the 8inchand the 9inch rear ends. I was told that if you can get to the bottom bolts of the third member with a socket, its and 8 inch, and if you need to use a wrench...
  7. fellas

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Do you think an 8.8 inch rear end from a 1994 Ford Ranger would work for the Cat? any adjustments or welding? my rear end is an 8 inch and had had enough, one of the seals gave way and its now leaking gear oil out the passenger side into the drum...
  8. 68 rear

    68 rear

    the back end. i took apart the taillights recently to clean & polish the lenses. (they are original). i think it paid off.. not bad for a 38-year daily-driven survivor
  9. Bad bearing and seals

    Bad bearing and seals

    The destroyed bearing and seals from my left axle.
  10. Backside


    Back end of car shortly after purchase.