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  1. Loss of power to radio

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Hello. BGrants son Tim here. I was wiring up my dads new radio and ancidently grounded the yellow wire(which is supposed to have power all the time) and it sparked out and now has no power. :argue: Looked at the fuses, none were blown. Now i cant find out why the dash lights aren't going on and...
  2. Wiring help!!!!!

    Classic Cougar Tech
    my radio wires have been cut and i want to install an after market radio. wht wires are my power wires
  3. 71 XR7 radio problems

    Classic Cougar Tech
    I bought a 71 XR7 in the fall and it came with the stock radio. However, the radio was in the trunk. I have been having a hard time figuring out to hook the thing up. I have some suspicions that some altercations have been done to the wiring. Can anybody fill me in on how things should be...
  4. Radio replacement or Conversion?

    Classic Cougar Tech
    The original AM radio in my survivor 68 XR7 does not work at all. I am contemplating sending it out to be either repaired or converted to AM/FM. I read in Hemmings that there are shops that will convert my radio to AM/FM without changing the appearance of the face. Does anyone have any...