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  1. High Performance
    Here's my thermal clutch 2 inches from my radiator. Should I get it to 1 inch? I do have a shroud as well. The clutch and fan are on my built 347 with a 180° thermostat. Can anyone help me or give me some better cooling advice? Or is this good? An electric fan is out of the question for the...
  2. Classic Cougar Tech
    I ordered an aluminum 3 row 24" radiator from a certain place recommended on the forum here. $190 bucks or so... but one problem. The bottom tank was offset from the top so it was.. crooked. I sent it back and got another replacement with the exact same problem. They ended up returning me my...
  3. 67-68 Parts for Sale
    1968 Cougar 302 Spectra Radiator and Condenser for sale. Listed on e-bay as auction with free shipping. Both are new, unused. Have a look...
  4. Classic Cougar Tech
    All, We are trying to install an aluminum radiator in my son's 1970 Cougar (351C-2V). We found one online and bought it, looks great and seems to fit perfectly. The issue is the top saddle to hold it in. The saddle in 2 inches across, while the new radiator is 2 3/4 inches. The place we got...
  5. High Performance
    So i just installed my new 24 inch aluminum radiator with 2 rows of 1 inch tubes over the weekend... the radiator works GREAT! no more over heating problems not even a little bit! but i still have an over flow problem. i thought before it was because my car was over heating. but now the...
  6. Parts Wanted
    If anyone has a performance / aluminum radiator setup they want to get rid of or sell please let me know. I have an overheating problem and my cougar is my driver. Thanks in advance.
  7. Classic Cougar Tech
    I'm having trouble with my cooling, and it sounds like it may be a rust-filled radiator. When I bought the car the coolant was brown and contained rust flakes. I have replaced the fluid. The car stays cool (right in the center of the gauge) in town, but after a few minutes on the highway the...
  8. 26" Aluminum Radiator

    just a bit bigger than stock.
  9. 26" Radiator w/ spal fan

    I cut spacers from aluminum spacer stock and polished them to get this sucker to fit.
1-9 of 10 Results