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  1. Electric fuel pump Pressure problem?

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Hey guys, I installed a electric fuel pump from Summit that is pushing out really high PSI. My solution was to I put a Holley fuel pressure regulator after the pump to control the pressure and it does nothing, I mean nada, still blows thru that regulator like a busted hose. 1) Is the pump to...
  2. Edelbrock Fuel Pump

    Misc. Parts for Sale
    edelbrock fuel pump, I used it for a minute and then went electric, good fuel pump though good up to 800hp they say...130 GPH 10PSI
  3. Fuel Pressure/Engine running rough

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Would a drop in fuel pressure make the engine run rough ? I think I'm getting enough fuel just by looking at the fuel filter before my carb. The timing is on ticket, but it started doing it today on the way back from home from my shop. Vacuum gauge reads 17 and all the hoses are in tact...
  4. Wires with ignition wire - 68 STD

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Hi. I've got a '68 standard and am trying to identifiy a couple of wires that I think were disconnected by a previous owner. There is a flat, 3-wire trailer-hitch style connector under the hood right in front of the firewall on the driver's side. One of the wires runs to the coil so that's...