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  1. Can an 87 8.8 posi unit work inside a 65 9 inch?

    High Performance
    Just curious about the carrier housing compatibility. It seems like it would work if but I know some differential guru will know better. please elaborate!
  2. Junkyard mods...Police interceptor rear end

    High Performance
    Theres a 2007 police interceptor (Crown Vic) in my local pick a part with the rear end still in it. After giving the wheels a few spins I noticed that there all posi. After looking it up online, wikipedia says they ll came with 3.55 gear 8.8. can those be swapped into my cat like how some...
  3. mini-spool to posi (laugh later)

    High Performance
    ok, so I bought this thing with a mini-spool 4:10 rear end in it and I think I should probably swap it out before it all goes to hell. I'm thinking limited slip since it's mostly a street car and frankly the combo of the 4:10 and 4sp aod is questionable. rear ends and transmissions are a foreign...
  4. Will this posi unit fit in an 8 inch?

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Ford f150 factory limited slip posi 9.75 differential....found one cheap, can it be done? Dr Frankenstein is at it again....bbbbwwwwaaaaaahhhh!!!