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  1. Classic Cougar Bodywork
    I have a ‘95 cougar xr7 that I just got about a month ago. The doors sag so I have to replace the hinges but I haven’t found any for sale. I saw some threads about mustang hinges being able to crossover, would a mustang/thunderbird hinge from the same year work? Anyone that can help I appreciate...
  2. Cougars Wanted
    Looking for a donor car to fix my 30th anniversary edition that was just in an accident. Front end must be intact - exterior and interior, especially airbags. No engine or trans needed but will take if comes with car. All reasonable prices considered. Prefer close to Los Angeles CA but...
  3. Cougar Community Discussion
    Hello Just wondering what parts I can interchange for my 68 cougar? Thank you
  4. Parts Wanted
    Looking for a front bumper for my 1970 Eliminator - either in great chromed condition, or good core condition that I can have re-chromed. Does anybody in GA happen to have a spare they're willing to sell at a decent price? (Or anybody who's willing to ship?) Thanks!
  5. Classic Cougar Tech
    I picked up a T5 from a 5.0L 'Stang some time back. I have everything but the bell-housing. It's a 95 so I'll need a 6 bolt adapter of the proper year set to fit the longer input shaft. Other than a clutch kit, the spacer, shorter input shaft and bearing retainer, is there anything else I'll...
  6. Cougars for Sale
    I recently acquired a 1973 all original xr-7 351c 4V convertible in an estate sale - vin code: 3F94Q5449233 Looking to sell COMPLETE - all complete minus the radiator - HATE TO SCRAP WILL SEND ANY PICS YOU WANT OR MORE INFO. THANKS DEREK LANDIS [email protected] 6104761468
  7. Cougars for Sale
    Up for sale is a cougar restoration project. car is complete need a lot of work just cant do it right now VIN 9f92h504149 all original 351 2v. panels are in good shape floors and partial trunk need replacing call for more info 305-490-7277
  8. Misc. Parts for Sale
    All of these parts have sold, sorry for any inconvience. I tried finding the delete button on here for this ad, but can't find one, so I changed the ad to show the parts are gone now. Sorry.
  9. Cougar Community Discussion
    It's alive! Now it's time to get the bugs out. The site is up and running and live. You can register build auctions and make bids. And I am certain that you will find lots of bugs and glitches and problems! If you find a problem, have a suggestion or...
  10. SoCal Cougar Club
    I'm restoring a 1967 Cougar and would like to know if any of you fellow Cougar owners know of any good places to source parts— original and aftermarket—in Orange County. I'm mainly looking for exterior and interior trim pieces. I know there are some sources online, but I would prefer to...
  11. Cougar Community Discussion
    I'm sorry to say my Ol' Cat was in an accident last Sunday morning while taking my family to Church (Sunday drive). Everyone is okay, but I twisted my ankle somehow. A guy in a pick up tried to make a U-turn in the intersection and I T-boned him. He said he didn't see I ended up...
  12. 67-68 Parts for Sale
    I am selling my project of many years. i no longer have the space to keep it. Boston MA area
  13. Cougars for Sale
    Hi, I am looking for n.o.s. parts (switches, leather seats, etc.) for a 1969 Cougar convertible. Does anyone know of any great online parts store. Also does anyone happen to know of a good car restoration shop up in either Ontario or Quebec. I'm in Monbtreal. Thanks!
  14. Cougar Community Discussion
    Hey, I just found an $800 '74 Cougar and thought that it would be a great part car for my '71... if the parts are compatible. Anybody know if they are? Is it worth it?
  15. 71 & Up Parts for Sale
    I have a 73 cougar XR7 conv. that I am parting out due to some serious rust issues on sections of the body. Let me know if you need something and I will see if I have it available to sale. Thanks
  16. Cougar Community Discussion
    So far in the past month ive replaced my alternator, battery, regulator, coil, vaccuum hoses, h block, carb, fuel pump, sending unit, driver side floor plan, and heater box. Restoration is pricey but well worth it!
  17. Cougars for Sale
    I have a 1968 Cougar that has front frame rot. There are alot of good parts on this car fenders, hood, trunk lid, drivers door, pass door is dented (not on body line) bumpers, marker lights, tail lights (drivers side cracked) head lights (vacuum style flip ups hard to find!) rear seat is in...
1-17 of 18 Results