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  1. Car or Recliner?

    If I turn the car around I could watch the race!
  2. Out the door

    Waiting for good weather
  3. Clock Works!

    Any body need a rimblow I need a Console.
  4. Top Down

    I got the top down, manualy,I definately need those parts Pat.
  5. It fits!

    I had to rearange my furniture a little
  6. Old Woods motor 2

    Its not a 428 but it still looks tough changing those back 2 plugs
  7. Old Woods motor

    Wrong color! Pretty clean though.
  8. Problem side

    Little bit of rust weird up on the top edge of the fender,little bit at the bottom of the door jamb none of it looks bad to me.
  9. Not worried!

    This one isnt going anywhere without ME! The rear valance is bent just a little above dr. side pipe
  10. Pretty side

    This is the best looking side
  11. Wet Cougar

    She sits pretty good,I had to drive her home in the rain. I definatly need new weatherstripping!
  12. MY 69 COUGAR

    It aint perfect But I LOVE it!
  13. 69 appraisal

    I wish thats all I had to pay
1-13 of 13 Results