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  1. My Girls

    I dont let her drive much.
  2. Smoked!

    Wheel wells a little rusted out. I love that burnt rubber.
  3. Can you say GTE?

    Rusty old car, gets it!
  4. 68 GTE

    I was losing my mind all afternoon. The minute it was off the truck I started wrenching.
  5. 68 GTE

    Its dirty, but its bad! Bad gas, no fuel to carb. Dumped a little in and she fired first time. Cant wait to get it home and drain the tank and fire it up for real.
  6. Bodys straight

    Except for most of the headlight trim, the rest of the moldings are there and in good shape.
  7. 68 GTE

    I bought it! The car needs a lot of work, but its mostly all there.
  8. Bad Part!

    Its a Ch##*. You think if I paint it Ford blue and lie like hell, I could get away with it? It does run good, 400 small block, 4 bolt about 500 HP.
  9. New Boat

    This babys been promised to me for three years. My buddy has finnaly got his other boat ready and gave it up. Great all around boat, fish, ski, or go fast!
  10. My next project

    I plan on riding it again this spring. I know its not a Cougar, but it is a classic!
  11. My son and I

    My little boy and I on the hunt, where is that ball?
  12. What else to do in the mud, play football!

    We had a blast, football, mud wrestling and racing, doesnt get much better!
  13. Parking, Watkins Glen style

    We needed a little help, a Bulldozer pulled us all the way out to the road after the race.
  14. Killer rope swing

    I know its not a cougar, but I thought you guys might enjoy these. We were on our way to the race, semi car related!
  15. Is this Clean!

    Every thing he had was this clean. The deal is when I go back, he drives my Cougar, I drive his car, my choice. 429 auto, or 351 4 sp. I am leaning to 351 4 sp. Cant wait!
  16. Perfect 429 CJ, for Dark

    I met with this guy to buy some wood. He said I heard you like Fords, let me show you something. Opened the door, SIX bad ass Torinos, This one won the nationals!
  17. The next CHAMP!

    One hour later. It didnt take long. Now I have to put my 500 together, good excuse, I gotta go riding with him!
  18. Happy little boy

    Isnt this why we work?
  19. My sons surprise

    I know its not a cougar, but it sure is pretty. My little boy lost his mind!
  20. Race tommorow

    Look what I ran into yesterday on my way home!
1-20 of 20 Results