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  1. Misc. Parts for Sale
    Hey I guys I have some rebuilt GT40 3 bar heads and some rebuilt GT40P heads in my shop ready to go on a motor. The GT40's have tank and mag, 3 angle valve job, surfaced, new plugs and stem seals. The GT40P's have the same treatment but have enlarged stainless steel valves at 1.94INT and...
  2. 67-68 Parts for Sale
    As noted above, I have a working wiper motor along with the connecting arms/linkages from my 67 up for grabs. Asking $100 plus the ride. I accept paypal and can ship via UPS.
  3. motor


    That's my motor for now. More mods are coming so it will look different.
  4. Semi finished motor

    Semi finished motor

    Ok here is a shot of my new VC's and Air cleaner installed, i still have to do the intake carb and water pump:) PLMK what yall think