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manual clutch

  1. 1967 power brake booster with manual trans

    Classic Cougar Tech
    I got a 67 cougar that i converted to power disc brakes. I cant seem to find any brake boosters that will fit my car because the clutch cable is in the way. Does anyone know where i could find one that would fit? thanks! Also, the car has a t-5 5speed and a 289 in it if that makes any...
  2. headers for my 67 cougar 302, manual clutch

    Cougar Community Discussion
    I am probably going to keep my manual clutch z-bar with my 302 fuelie-T5 swap. I am having a hard time finding headers that will work with my z-bar and manual steering. I here some use long tube and others use shorties... I just want whats best for this application and I know that many of...