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magnum 500
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  1. Wheel & Tires
    Just bought a 68 cougar, tires are all mismatched and dry rotted and the wheels are rusty. Looking to get a nice staggered set. I looked up the list on this forum of all the sizes and I'm thinking of 15in wheels.... 7 in front and 8 in back. 215 60 or 225 60 with some 275 60s out back. Anyone...
  2. Magnum 500

    Magnums bought from Summitt Racing for $500. Tires 215/70/15.
  3. New Magnums & Tires

    Magnums Made by Wheel Vintiques. Tires 215/70/15
  4. New Shoes/socks

    New tires/rims on the rear. Front ones exchanged for 215's. etting close
1-4 of 4 Results