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  1. edelbrock performer RPM 351w hood clearance

    Cougar Community Discussion
    Greetings: will an edelbrock performer RPM intake fit under a stock hood in a 1969 XR7? I think the answer is no, based on what I've read? Thanks for the help!
  2. Broke off bolt hole in aluminum intake. Any recommendations?

    Classic Cougar Tech
    So, don't laugh. I was changing the radiator on my ride and figure i would switch out the thermostat while I was at it. I go to bolt the thermostat housing back onto the edelbrock intake manifold and end up over torking the bolt and part of the manifold breaks off!!! :eek2: Pics attached...
  3. Another set of GT40p heads

    Misc. Parts for Sale
    I got another set of gt40p heads for sale. I'm a junkyard warrior so they come by pretty often. I had to go thru hell to get these ones off so I want $200 for this set and it's got way lower mileage too only 117,XXX miles, the explorer was in an rear end accident. The two front intake bolts...
  4. edelbrock performer intake w/ GT40p heads

    Classic Cougar Tech
    does it fit? I'm going to the pick a part today for the half off sale and I think I can get some GT40p heads outta there, saw em yesterday before closing, will they fit?
  5. Holley 650 Quadrajet

    Classic Cougar Tech
    my old carb in the 67 is leaking, now i know a gasket will make an easy fix, but I want to upgrade to a you think the Holley 650 will I have to by an adapter kit. what kind of aluminum intake works well with it? any suggestions?