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  1. Looking for video or instructions to install a holley carb

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Im wondering if anyone know of, or if there is any videos or instructions on how to instal a Holley 1850-3 600. I want to install it on my 68 Mercury Cougar XR-7, problem is i've never done anything like this before. I want to learn how to do it and not have to pay someone to do it for me. Thanks
  2. '03 Cobra IRS install in my '68 Cat - Brake Cables

    High Performance
    '03 Cobra IRS is awesome in my '68 cat. Took it for a spin this month and love how it feels. Now I am installing the ebrake system from an '03 as well and was wondering if anyone had pics or ideas on cable routing from the console mounted lever I am installing. Please help if you have done...
  3. T5 Install Complete

    Cougar Community Discussion
    Hey Guys, just got the coug out of the shop, got a guy to take out the old 3spd, put in the new clutch/t5 for about 300 which seems pretty solid to me. Drives great and back to prowling the USC campus! I do realize after looking at this picture that I need to re-adjust the console. The...