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  1. Cougars for Sale
  2. Cougars for Sale
  3. Cougars for Sale
    Selling my 1970 Standard Decor with Houndstooth interior and vinyl top. 351-2V. Superb condition. $18,500. Car is located in Seattle, WA. Here is the link to the CL ad: I have lots of other photos as well (underside, etc...).
  4. Classic Cougar Tech
    I've recently bought a 1970 XR7 hardtop and one of the major needs is replacing the upholstery. It is the black and white houndstooth cloth with black vinyl. Ken's Cougars has it listed on their site but I find that their source for the cloth has run out. They informed me that there is a similar...
  5. Cougars for Sale
    I just listed my 1970 'Pauline Trigere' Houndstooth Standard Decor Interior Cougar on Craigslist, Seattle. Asking $16,500. Here is the link: which includes pics and the Marti Report. Happy to answer any Qs. I really love this car and it is...
  6. Classic Cougar Tech
    So, who can illuminate the houndstooth options for me? What years were the interior and tops available? How many colors? Pics?
  7. Look What I Found!

    Stored 20 years, built into barn, will have to remove section of wall of barn IF owner will sell! XR7, 351C4V, FMX,86K
  8. 70 XR7 Ginger/black houndstooth seats

    These are the Ginger/Black houndstooth seats that I had made.
1-9 of 9 Results