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  1. Misc. Parts for Sale
    edelbrock fuel pump, I used it for a minute and then went electric, good fuel pump though good up to 800hp they say...130 GPH 10PSI
  2. Misc. Parts for Sale
    I got another set of gt40p heads for sale. I'm a junkyard warrior so they come by pretty often. I had to go thru hell to get these ones off so I want $200 for this set and it's got way lower mileage too only 117,XXX miles, the explorer was in an rear end accident. The two front intake bolts...
  3. Cougar Community Discussion
    I've been doing some research on supercharging my engine with a eaton m90 set up seen in this video What do I need to do to my engine to lower my compression ratio? Do superchargers have to be fuel injected or can you run a bigger carb?
  4. Cougar Community Discussion
    Just installed an ignitor 3 into my cat and im loving it so far. Major power booster if i do say so myself. When i hit the gas petal i move now like i move. love the product
  5. High Performance
    How many horse is my 1967 289 posibly running. It has a 4barrel Edelbrock carb, performer intake, and full length header As Far as I know stock cam. 1967 Cougar
1-5 of 5 Results