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  1. 67/68 Hood

    Parts Wanted
    I am looking for a hood for another Cougar owner. We are located in Tulsa. Anyone close that we can come see and buy? Charlie
  2. Hood wont sit down at cowl

    Classic Cougar Tech
    I read a post from 2002 and gather that to get my hood to sit down over the hinges the rear of the hinge has to be down as far as possible and the front of the hinge adjusted as high as necessary. Is this a correct assumption? There was no final reply of confirmed success in the thread. Also...
  3. 68 standard coupe hood

    67-68 Parts for Sale
    HI Folks, I have a Grade A 1968 coupe hood that I need to sell. I bought 2 when I restored my cougar, had it painted and stored. It has no rust, is straight and in excellent condition. I don't want to deal with crating and shipping it so either you'd need to pick it up in Studio City, Ca or...
  4. HOOD


  5. Hood X-Ray

    Hood X-Ray

    Transparent hood X-Ray.