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  1. Cougar Community Discussion
    I'm having trouble identifying the carburetor in my 69 XR-7 351W. The carb is a two barrel and has Holley 9574D printed in black on the front face. Stamped in the body is List 7508-1 with 1302 below that. The 69 shop manuals only mention a 4 barrel Holley and searches for 7508 and 9574 on the...
  2. Classic Cougar Tech
    I've got a 600cfm Holley that's been spewing fuel like crazy, lately. I bought a new Eddie to put on the engine since I wanted a new carb anyway. So, I started checking out the fuel bowls for the Holley and found a decent bit of a smelly, chalk-like deposit sitting in it. It seems to be in other...
  3. Classic Cougar Tech
    Hey guys, I installed a electric fuel pump from Summit that is pushing out really high PSI. My solution was to I put a Holley fuel pressure regulator after the pump to control the pressure and it does nothing, I mean nada, still blows thru that regulator like a busted hose. 1) Is the pump to...
  4. High Performance
    So I have a 69 Eliminator with a Windsor, not near nice yet and I've had it for around 35 years. Of course through when I was young I put a cam in it, intake, gears, holley..... needless to say it not really near stock. Anyway where I live you cannot get plain gasoline, only ethanol blend. It...
  5. Classic Cougar Tech
    Im wondering if anyone know of, or if there is any videos or instructions on how to instal a Holley 1850-3 600. I want to install it on my 68 Mercury Cougar XR-7, problem is i've never done anything like this before. I want to learn how to do it and not have to pay someone to do it for me. Thanks
  6. Classic Cougar Tech
    I'm really getting sick of this Holley carb on my cat...I've adjusted it about 10 times (with a vacuum gauge) and it keeps coming out of adjustment after two days....the crazy thing is, the float adjustment screws almost come all the way out before it idles normally, but then drinks gas like a...
  7. Classic Cougar Tech
    my old carb in the 67 is leaking, now i know a gasket will make an easy fix, but I want to upgrade to a you think the Holley 650 will I have to by an adapter kit. what kind of aluminum intake works well with it? any suggestions?
  8. Misc. Parts for Sale
    I have 4 used carbs that need new homes (pics available to those who want them, just ask). 1. Edelbrock 1406 (missing one rod externally connecting throttle plates...available from Edelbrock) $95 2. Edelbrock 1406 complete $125 3. Edelbrock 1407 complete $135 4. Holley 3310...
1-8 of 8 Results