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  1. High Performance
    I recently purchased a 68 cougar with a stock looking 351C 4v. I pulled the motor out to work on the body and since its out I'm going to add some easy upgrades. I was wondering what kind of headers can I put on, I've good and bad things about shortys. Maybe hookers are the way to go? I would...
  2. Classic Cougar Tech
    hello all, I am in the process of gathering all the necessary parts for swapping out my worn out 289/ c-4 with a nice 351w/ AOD. The question I have (one of many) it to those that have done this swap before, is what headers did you use? I have been looking at a few options...
  3. High Performance
    I'm doing an EFI conversion with a 1990 Mustang 302 with Pro Comp heads installed, but cant seem to get the shorty headers to fit. I'm using the original motor mounts, Zbar for cable clutch, and shorty headers for 1990 mustang. Do I need shorty headers for my 67 year car or the ones I have for a...
  4. Classic Cougar Tech
    Hi gurus, I'm looking to replace my headers (and the whole exhaust system) to a) get a little bit lower temp under the hood, b) try to get a little bit more clearance between the headers and the walls in the engine room, c) get rid of some bad vibration noise from my home built exhaust system...
  5. High Performance
    I'm having a new motor built for my 68 TA clone track car. The new motor will be a 347 stroker dart block with AFR 205 heads. I running a toploader 4-speed with modified z-arm clutch linkage, manual steering and manual brakes. On the old motor, also a 347 stroker with victor JR heads I used...
  6. Cougar Community Discussion
    Hi All, Long time reader, finally posting. Trying to evaluate a cougar for sale here in Seattle, would appreciate some your expert advice. I'm not looking to spend a forture taking it to the next level, but a cougar viable as a driver. 1967 Cougar Xr7. Drivetrain: a transplant rebuilt 302...
  7. High Performance
    Thinking about Scott Drake Tri Ys for my 67 base, 289, Power Brakes and Power Steering. Standard manifolds now. I will order the Power steering relocation bracket. ANyone have any experience with Tri-Ys? What exhaust kit did you buy or did you let a muffler shop do the piping? Thinking...
  8. High Performance
    This is my first post, i have a 84 with a 302 v8 and was wondering if anyone has used heddman headers on this engine, and what size pipe should i run? i am going to be running true dual from the headers and didnt know to use 2.25 or 2.5 inch pipe. what i have now is 2" pipe.
  9. Misc. Parts for Sale
    if you know what these are u know what they sound like, I got em from a 85 mustang. They can fit pretty much anything you can weld them to. I will ship with paypal payment
  10. Classic Cougar Tech
    Hello Everybody, I recently aquired a 68 xr7 and I am getting ready to hit it with a big hammer:evil:. I have the patches welded in the rear and trunk drops of the body and underbody is solid. The friendly little 302 is getting ready to come out along with the c4. I have...
  11. Classic Cougar Tech
    My '67 std is due for new exhaust. Car is equipped with a 289 4V w/mild cam & C-4 trans. The headers on the car are well past their prime (numerous leaks) and the glasspack mufflers are about to fall from their rusted exhaust moorings (the whole system was put on the car about 25 years ago)...
  12. Classic Cougar Tech
    does it fit? I'm going to the pick a part today for the half off sale and I think I can get some GT40p heads outta there, saw em yesterday before closing, will they fit?
  13. High Performance
    How many horse is my 1967 289 posibly running. It has a 4barrel Edelbrock carb, performer intake, and full length header As Far as I know stock cam. 1967 Cougar
  14. Cougar Community Discussion
    I am probably going to keep my manual clutch z-bar with my 302 fuelie-T5 swap. I am having a hard time finding headers that will work with my z-bar and manual steering. I here some use long tube and others use shorties... I just want whats best for this application and I know that many of...
1-14 of 14 Results