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  1. Parts Wanted
    Engine rebuild gone bad and now in need of a complete engine basically. Looking pieces or complete or leads on where I can find a block, heads, carb, exhaust, distributor. I have already secured many accessories.
  2. Cougar Community Discussion
    Hey guys, a dude just called me up today asking if I wanted to buy a 1967 Ford LTD from him, from what I remember, I think they have the vaunted 390 from the presmog days, is there any chance they put another engine in the LTD or is it the 390 or 427? I mean 300 HP from the factory sounds good...
  3. GTE from the front

    My 68 GTE from the Front!
  4. 2007 Fabulous Fords

    1968 GTE 427
  5. 2007 Fabulous Fords

    1968 428
  6. 2007 Fabulous Fords

    1968 GTE, 428
  7. PS 1/4

  8. 427 GTE 68 cougar

    I spotted this 68 GTE cougar at Cruisin the Coast yesterday. I didnt get the guy's name....but he might be a member here.
  9. Can we say 428 GTE?

    This is stuart hymans 428 cat.
1-9 of 9 Results