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  1. 1969 Cougar Grill pieces for sale

    69-70 Parts for Sale
    Found these in my garage hidden under an old vinyl top. I figure they would make decent cores or could be used on a daily driver if cleaned up a bit. Not sure what the going prices are, so shoot me an offer. I have them listed elsewhere so I'll sell to the first person/people who have a...
  2. '69 Grille, Front End, Vacuum Headlight Parts must GO!!

    69-70 Parts for Sale
    OK, I've been cleaning out my garage and shed. '69 Front End, Grille, Headlight, Vacuum Tank Parts all must GO!!! Prices reduced considerably from when I listed them last summer. Please see Super-detailed descriptions, multiple photos/closeups of these items and items not shown here and...
  3. Help with reinstalling headlight doors on 69

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Hello, I've had my 69 Cougar for two months now and am finishing up a bunch of nagging chores. The previous owner had the front grille apart and I am getting ready to reassemble and install it. I appear to have all the parts but am unsure of how the actuator shafts/springs go. My shop manual...