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  1. 1969 Cougar Grill pieces for sale

    69-70 Parts for Sale
    Found these in my garage hidden under an old vinyl top. I figure they would make decent cores or could be used on a daily driver if cleaned up a bit. Not sure what the going prices are, so shoot me an offer. I have them listed elsewhere so I'll sell to the first person/people who have a...
  2. 67 xr7 tail lights restoration??

    Classic Cougar Tech
    anyone have an easy way to redo the black portion of a 67-xr7 tail lights and front gril too?
  3. 68 grill

    68 grill

    front end view. the drivers side is a little bit messed up... the valence is drooping and the bumper is dented inward a tad. passenger side fender extension is bent inward a little.
  4. 68 cat

    68 cat

    front view, grill etc