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  1. Hot to Tell Axle Spline, Diff Questions

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Does anyone know how to tell how many splines are on an axle? I've got a 67 Cougar with what I believe is an open 3.00 8" diff. I'm just curious because I found a complete 8.8" 31 spline rear diff from a Crown Vic on CList with Posi and 3:23 gearing for 200 and a set of 3:73 gears for 150. It'd...
  2. Drive Gear for C4, Speedo Inaccurate

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Does anyone know what drive gear the typical 1967 C4 came with? My speedo is always off by several mph. It's not a linear difference and the gauge reads slower than the car is actually going. When I'm in the city it's off by about 5 mph. Highway speeds it's off about 10 mph. This leads me to...
  3. C-4 Shifting Issues 2nd-3rd Gear

    Classic Cougar Tech
    My C-4 is having a hard time shifting. It shifts fine from 1st to 2nd but won't shift to 3rd unless the engine revving extremely high. It shifts normally when done manually and the fluid level is good. It just started today as I was on my way home. I started shifting hard. I drove it again a...
  4. TKO500, speedometer and EFI conversion

    High Performance
    I put a TKO-500 into my 67 Cougar and also did an EFI conversion. My TKO came with a VSS that does not have an input for a speedometer cable that is located on the passenger side. It also has a mechanical speedometer cable input which my cable is plugged into. I also plugged my VSS connector...
  5. FMX transmission won't go back to 1st after coming to stop

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Hi Guys, A couple years ago, I took my car to get some work done which included rebuilding the transmission (because it was shot). I already had a shift kit in it and I asked the guys to keep the shift kit on (even brought them the box with the instructions and parts they had replaced). When I...
  6. Engine Issues

    Classic Cougar Tech
    So I was driving home from school on the interstate and my car felt like it missed for a quick second proceeded to drive another 100ft backfired 3 times and cut off. Had to get it towed home. I suspected my timing chain skipped or broke since i have replaced all electrical components. I took...