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  1. 68 Cougar Gauges - need help finding digital or retrofit gauge clusters

    My 17 year old son just bought his first project car - 68 Cougar - a few months back. After A LOT of work, we now have it on the road. I have 30+ years working on classic Mustangs, so the Cougar didn't really have any surprises. In fact, I liked working on it more than the Mustangs. We dropped...
  2. Tie up your speedo cable

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Welp. Don't know why or how but my speedo cable got wrapped around my rag joint. The cable got stuck inbetween the bolts tieing my steering wheel and the steering box together and ripped it out of the speedo gauge I'm pretty sure (haven't had time to take it out and check) . And now I don't have...
  3. all new gauges 67 cougar

    High Performance
    ok so i got the drive train all done and its alllll ready for the road. i just placed a fat order at WCC for tons of interior parts and also have a new sound system on the way thanks to my awesome tax return. so along with making it comfortable to drive i also want to make it comfortable to...
  4. oil pressure LOW

    Classic Cougar Tech
    I recently replaced my timing gears and chain and distributor and Just put in a oil pressure gauge and new sender. When i first started the car with the new oil pressure gauge it read 50 - 60 now and slowly worked down. Now when i start it i have bad lifter noise for 10 seconds and it goes...