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  1. Front end suspension help

    Classic Cougar Tech
    I have a 73 mercury cougar xr7. im replacing the front suspension on both sides and was told there is a special way to do it or i could get hurt fromt he shock or something? Any tips or advice? id love to have a step by step if anyone would be willing
  2. Cougar in Gruenbach2, germany

    Cougar in Gruenbach2, germany

    Photo taken next to my favourite (small, local) brewery.
  3. 68 grill

    68 grill

    front end view. the drivers side is a little bit messed up... the valence is drooping and the bumper is dented inward a tad. passenger side fender extension is bent inward a little.
  4. Cougar


  5. front


    working on wiring and engine bay
  6. Front Shot

    Front Shot

    This is the front end of the car, the enbelem in the middle between this lights is in the car, and the chrome is in our car, we are gonna polish it up.
  7. Wet Cat, Front

    Wet Cat, Front

    Shot of the Front of my 70
  8. Front view

    Front view