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  1. 72 XR7 Cougar/With questions!!!

    Cougar Community Discussion
    I have a 1972 Mercury Cougar XR-7 model, And have been trying to figure out some information about it and That year of cougars. First off, here is my information about it. VIN: 2F94H509296 From this you know that it is a Xr7 Convertible with a 351-2V Cleveland Engine. and that it was the...
  2. Transmission Info

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Good Afternoon, I was wondering if anybody could help me out with some information needed (manuals, guides, etc) for a few Ford transmissions. I am looking for information pertaining to the more common transmissions C4, C6, and FMX. I am in desperate need of this, any help would be...
  3. fmx question

    Classic Cougar Tech
    ok took the cat to shop for tranny service filter it is leaking going to replace seals has to drop it to do shifter shaft, should I have a shift kit installed while it is out? he tells me he removes more than he installs, he does a lot of work on classic cars 351 2v stock, only plans are maybe...
  4. TCI FMX Torque Converter - $120 + shipping

    69-70 Parts for Sale
    This is a slightly used TCI Breakaway Torque Converter for Ford 1968-71 FMX transmission. 29-Spline 1.375 Crank Pilot. 2400-2600 stall speed Brand new, these sell for $300+...
  5. Looking at FMX to AOD swqp

    Classic Cougar Tech
    I'm looking at swapping my FMX for the AOD on my '70 cougar (351w) and was wondeirng if anyone here who has done this (or knows about it) can give me some advice. What do I need to keep in mind when doing this? Will the flexplate I have on there now work? Will I need to get a new...
  6. FMX transmission won't go back to 1st after coming to stop

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Hi Guys, A couple years ago, I took my car to get some work done which included rebuilding the transmission (because it was shot). I already had a shift kit in it and I asked the guys to keep the shift kit on (even brought them the box with the instructions and parts they had replaced). When I...
  7. NOS Valve body FMX

    Misc. Parts for Sale
    67-72 series. Still new in box. If you want a valve body that hasn't been messed with for your FMX -- this is it! $150 + shipping.
  8. 1969 Mercury Cougar Standard HT "M Code", 351W 4V, With Auto FMX, Rust Free CA Car

    Cougars for Sale
    1969 Mercury Cougar Standard HT "M Code", 351W 4V, With Auto FMX, Rust Free CA Car 1969 Mercury Cougar Hardtop(Standard),"M" Coded, has original 351W 4V Windsor with Automatic FMX transmission. Equipped "All Stock" Front Power Disk Brakes, Power Steering, Had AC, Ford 9" Differential. The car...