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  1. Fiona 9

    Here's another view of the carnage.
  2. Fiona 8

    Don't worry....she has 8 lives left! I'm sure she'll be purrrrring better than new in no time at all!
  3. Fiona 7

    Here's my Edelbrock Performer intake. the Carb is stock, the Edelbrock fell victim to the previous owners x-boyfriend.
  4. Fiona 6

    A view from behind.
  5. Fiona 5

    More internals, less damage.
  6. Fiona 4

    And just like most women that I've known...there is some internal damage that needs to be undone!
  7. Fiona 3

    Here she is fromthe front!
  8. Fiona 2

    And here is a profile view.
  9. Fiona 1

    Here she is from the front right. She is s pretty gal, isn't she?
1-9 of 9 Results