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  1. Parts Wanted
    Looking for xr7 door panels in good condition.
  2. Classic Cougar Tech
    After several hours of internet searching, I thought I'd ask the collective wisdom of the forum :-) I purchased my Cougar with a Ford Racing chromed dress-up kit already fitted. This has not weathered very well (cheap chrome?) and so I'm planning to replace it as part of a general tidy-up of...
  3. High Performance
    I just recently picked up a base 67 Cougar. It's in very nice cosmetic condition so I want to up grade the engine. It's got the usual Ford 289 in it. Only piece aftermarket is the Flowmaster dual exhaust with an x pipe. I'm looking to up it's performance a bit. I'm looking at getting an intake...
  4. Cougar Community Discussion
    Would like to poll the Cougar community. I have a '67 Cougar XR-7 GT 4-speed manual. Unfortunately, a previous owner had long ago replaced the original 390 with a 289 so it's no longer a # matching car. Supposedly, the previous owner was a Ford mechanic, and preferred the lighter (and slightly...
  5. Classic Cougar Tech
    I have an engine in my XR7 that I am not sure what it is. The VIN points to a Engine Model (H) which I believe would mean a 351C 2V. I go out and buy a Edelbrock intake manifold and a Holly carb as the old one is stuffed and find the manifold is too small by about one and a half inches. I...
  6. Classic Cougar Tech
    Ok when I bought my 67 XR7 it had a 2V set up on it. Which it still has. My vin says it is supposed to be an A code 4V engine. Question is, is there any other difference in the engine of a 2V and 4V other than the intake manifold and the Carb? I want to get it back to a 4V setup. Is there...
  7. 69-70 Parts for Sale
    I'm looking for an 351 Windsor for my Cougar. Engine was taken out for rebuild, but rebuild will cost more than to buy a new one or used. Need to find one, that is in good running condition. Thanks :) reply or email- [email protected] Local only pls
  8. Cougar Community Discussion
    I was at the pic a part today and saw a 1960 Thunderbird with the original engine still in it. I heard that those engines are 300 hp (2 barrel)- 360hp (4 barrel) 352 FE Now if I'm correct this engine is a gem and I'm going to get it tomorrow!! It's 4 barrel, and its a 1960, the year that ford...
  9. Cougar Community Discussion
    Hey guys, a dude just called me up today asking if I wanted to buy a 1967 Ford LTD from him, from what I remember, I think they have the vaunted 390 from the presmog days, is there any chance they put another engine in the LTD or is it the 390 or 427? I mean 300 HP from the factory sounds good...
  10. Classic Cougar Tech
    Is there any major differences between a 60's 302 and a more modern 5.0 mustang 302? More specifically, the overall strength of the block (Nickel to cast Iron content). I'm building an engine and would like to know what the best foundation would be for my supercharging efforts...
  11. Cougar Community Discussion
    I recentl bought a 02 merc cougar 2.5l v6 and would appreciate some feedback on how to improve performance and what parts/brands I need to install for maximum performance. Right now I'm just looking at light mods like cold air intake, spark plugs, etc. Smaller $400 or less cheap but efficient...
  12. Cougar Community Discussion
    I've been doing some research on supercharging my engine with a eaton m90 set up seen in this video What do I need to do to my engine to lower my compression ratio? Do superchargers have to be fuel injected or can you run a bigger carb?
  13. Classic Cougar Tech
    So I was driving home from school on the interstate and my car felt like it missed for a quick second proceeded to drive another 100ft backfired 3 times and cut off. Had to get it towed home. I suspected my timing chain skipped or broke since i have replaced all electrical components. I took...
  14. Classic Cougar Tech
    Okay so ive been trying to get my car to run right for forever now and im getting fed up. i can drive it all day but the second i stop in traffic or at at a light my tach starts to bounce around about 300rpms. and you can feel the car jerk. what could be causing this to happen?
  15. Cougar Community Discussion
    Just installed an ignitor 3 into my cat and im loving it so far. Major power booster if i do say so myself. When i hit the gas petal i move now like i move. love the product
  16. Classic Cougar Tech
    I need my car working..TODAY, i've been trying all weekend to get it to work. I was driving it to school friday and it quit. I stopped at a light to let someone go and it just cut off. It cranked right back up. I drove another 100 ft and it shut off again except this time i had to coast to...
  17. 393W

    Taken 8/17/05 before reinstalling "freshened" 393W back in my 68.
1-19 of 24 Results