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  1. 1968 Cougar XR-7 429 swap questions

    Cougar Community Discussion
    Hello, I currently have a 68 cougar that needs a rebuild. The engine (302) and transmission (C4) need to be rebuilt. I currently found a 69 Thunderjet Motor that runs fine and a C6 for $500! I'm wanting a 400hp/400torque motor. This seems like a cheap option instead of keeping the 302. Do...
  2. 94 302 in a 68 cougar - vibration issues

    Classic Cougar Tech
    OK - My son and I bought a 68 cougar with a 94 302 and c4 auto. It always shook quite a bit and is quite a ride. I will check motor mounts when the snow melts a bit. What else could be causing the shake? Harmonic balancer has been mentioned. The shake occurs in park and while driving. Thank you.