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efi conversion

  1. EFI SWAP headlight vacuum

    High Performance
    I did the EFI swap and wanted to know if I'd have enough vacuum for my headlights to operate? I don't have power brakes and the only thing hooked up to my upper manifold would be my regulator. My cam is an XE282HR. What do you guys think? I'm eventually gonna convert them to electric motor...
  2. TKO500, speedometer and EFI conversion

    High Performance
    I put a TKO-500 into my 67 Cougar and also did an EFI conversion. My TKO came with a VSS that does not have an input for a speedometer cable that is located on the passenger side. It also has a mechanical speedometer cable input which my cable is plugged into. I also plugged my VSS connector...
  3. windsor-fox shock tower braces, where to find?

    Classic Cougar Tech
    I did the EFI conversion to my 67 and the shock tower brace that I bought, which was for the EFI swap isn't clearing my setup on the drivers side. Currently, I have the trickflow with 1inch space setup and the brace still hits on the bottom of the upper intake on the drivers side. Does anyone...
  4. 67 Cougar EFI conversion, what headers cleared?

    High Performance
    I'm doing an EFI conversion with a 1990 Mustang 302 with Pro Comp heads installed, but cant seem to get the shorty headers to fit. I'm using the original motor mounts, Zbar for cable clutch, and shorty headers for 1990 mustang. Do I need shorty headers for my 67 year car or the ones I have for a...