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  1. Edelbrock Cam Experience?

    High Performance
    I'm drawing up some plans for after I finish my T5 swap. I plan on switching out the cam among other things. The hope is to eventually be pushing around 300 horses at some point (my T5 is being built for it so I can't go too much higher even if I want to). Supposedly if I were to use the...
  2. Carb Q!

    Classic Cougar Tech
    I have a 75 Cat with a 351W and 2v Carb. I bought a 4v stock intake manifold and was trying to decide between a stock 4v carb vs an Edelbrock 1405/1406 carb with an electronic choke. My mechanic friend says to stick with stock because of linkage and such. I was wondering what you all think or...
  3. Edelbrock Performer RPM Mechanical Fuel pump

    Misc. Parts for Sale
    I have an Edelbrock Mechanical fuel pump in good condition. Stats :110 GPH 6 PSI and supports up to 600 HP...I want 65. PM me if anyone is interested. heres a link to read more about it.... or...
  4. edelbrock performer intake w/ GT40p heads

    Classic Cougar Tech
    does it fit? I'm going to the pick a part today for the half off sale and I think I can get some GT40p heads outta there, saw em yesterday before closing, will they fit?
  5. How many horsepower in my 289

    High Performance
    How many horse is my 1967 289 posibly running. It has a 4barrel Edelbrock carb, performer intake, and full length header As Far as I know stock cam. 1967 Cougar
  6. Carbs for sale

    Misc. Parts for Sale
    I have 4 used carbs that need new homes (pics available to those who want them, just ask). 1. Edelbrock 1406 (missing one rod externally connecting throttle plates...available from Edelbrock) $95 2. Edelbrock 1406 complete $125 3. Edelbrock 1407 complete $135 4. Holley 3310...