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  1. Classic Cougar Tech
    I'm a younger guy and I'm not very familiar with the points and condenser system on the distributor so.....I went and bought some 9mm ford racing plug wires for my 302 and got them home to realize my distributor cap has female receivers that don't fit. (Coil doesn't fit either). Is a modern...
  2. Classic Cougar Tech
    My timing chain skipped two teeth 2 weeks ago and messed up the distributor gears. So i pulled the motor and checked everything and cleaned it out. Well i put my new distributor in and it wont start regardless of what i do. I have tried to time it manually but still nothing. What could be...
  3. Classic Cougar Tech
    I have a distributor that had an ignitor. As many know when you have an ignitor in your dstibutor you basically strip everything out resistor plate condensor ect... I need someone to walk me through putting all of that back into my dstributor.
  4. Classic Cougar Tech
    My distributor is sitting towards the passengar side. is that normal in a 351 cleveland?
1-4 of 4 Results