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  1. Parts Wanted
    I am looking for a complete dash ( instrument cluster) for my 67 XR7. Both sides. Prefer no cracks because I will probably have to have it restored anyway. Charlie
  2. Parts Wanted
    Prefer 1968 Blue but will consider other colors if the condition is suitable for re-coloring. Since new is $411 from Summit Racing, I am obviously looking to pay somewhat less. Also willing to trade for some or all of the cost. Feel free to contact via PM. Located in SoCal. Steven
  3. Cougar Community Discussion
    I'm actually not sure if this is the section for this question. I'm not set on selling it yet, so I didn't think it belonged in the For Sale section. It is in very good condition with the exception of a small crack on the bottom of it. My dad said it could range from $200-300, but I'd like to...
  4. Blog
    I'm new to the forum -- have a couple XR7s letting go - but I am still working on the pictured 68 with my grandson -- looking for best place for headliner and dash -- any suggestions?
  5. Blog
    My 89 Cougar Fuel gauge reads CO instead of miles/gallons to empty. If anyone can point me in the right direction, it would be appreciated
  6. High Performance
    ok so i got the drive train all done and its alllll ready for the road. i just placed a fat order at WCC for tons of interior parts and also have a new sound system on the way thanks to my awesome tax return. so along with making it comfortable to drive i also want to make it comfortable to...
  7. Cougars Wanted
    Need an clean black dash for my 68
  8. Cougar Community Discussion
    I have started on fiberglassing my dash. I plan on resto modding it completely. This is what i have done so far in the past day. So far ive added to gauge clusters above the new radio mount i made and added some color. Way more to come. I have also started on my middle console adding...
  9. Classic Cougar Tech
    How do you remove the instrument cluster from a 1973 XR7 Cougar? I have taken out every screw I can find and the cluster doesn’t want to come out. Is there a secret?
  10. Classic Cougar Tech
    So let me start off by saying i am working a a 73 cougar xr7. I recently pulled the dash out of the car to fix some cowl work and firewall issues. I put my dash back in and it wont start. As long as i hold the key down it will run but the second i let the key loose it cuts off. What could be...
  11. Mustang Dash in 68 Standard Cougar

    The car wasn't rare enough to restore, so I made it my own. Photo was taken with a camera phone so it's not the best.
  12. 68 dash

    original dash, dashpad, etc
  13. 68 gauges

    original gauges in my 68. parchment interior (trim code AA)
  14. insides in works

    Working on a/c and dash
  15. dash

    here's my dash for my car. in pretty good condition. not much else to say about that :)
1-15 of 15 Results