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  1. Misc. Parts for Sale
    1984 Cougar LS 5.0L long block for sale. $500/offer. Took it out because the oil pump was failing, but it didn't seize up. We stopped using the car before that happened. It has about 95k miles on it and would be a good candidate for a rebuild. I put in a new long block and just want to recover...
    $500 USD
  2. Cougars for Sale
    1967 Cougar 289 w/ C4 EVERYTHING WORKS -Holley Sniper Stealth electronic fuel injection. -Complete Holley MSD Hyperspark ignition system (distributor, coil, digital ignition box, MSD wires) -Completely new fuel delivery (new tank, electric in tank pump, new line, etc..) -Vintage Air AC system...
    $20,000 USD
  3. Cougars for Sale
  4. Cougars for Sale
  5. Cougar Community Discussion
    Hello Just wondering what parts I can interchange for my 68 cougar? Thank you
  6. Cougars for Sale
    I have a 1980 mercury cougar xr7 for is white with the reddish/burnt orange has the 5.0 windsor v8 engine with under 59k original miles that is confirmed on the has manual sunroof with power driver seat, everything works as it should besides the left blinker Wich just...
  7. Cougars for Sale
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  8. Cougars for Sale
    $12,500 Located in Rockaway, NJ All pics and info on Craigslist ad. Text 73two-278-zero115 for more info.
  9. Cougars for Sale
    V6 Silver with a W-Wingswest Body Kit on front and back bumper. Needs work. Does anyone want to make an offer? I need to sell it by this weekend in Springfield, MO! Thanks! You can contact me at 573-210-4463.
  10. Cougar Community Discussion
    I have a 1972 Mercury Cougar XR-7 model, And have been trying to figure out some information about it and That year of cougars. First off, here is my information about it. VIN: 2F94H509296 From this you know that it is a Xr7 Convertible with a 351-2V Cleveland Engine. and that it was the...
  11. Parts Wanted
    Hi All, I need Driver side PW switch assy. and other chrome parts for my 69 XR7 Conv... Only good chrome parts needed. Will pay cash. Pls. send pics / prices to shopcarproAT gmail. Also will buy any restore Base 69 Conv. Rollers. Thanx for your attention and responses in advance.
  12. Cougar Community Discussion
    Just got this beauty. 89k original miles on her. Inherited from my uncle. Only small issues (leaking power steering fluid badly, and oil coming from gas cap and what looks like the PCV system built into the oil cap?) but still runs and drives smooth. My first V8 so definitely liking all the new...
  13. Cougar Community Discussion
    To all of my fellow Cougar enthusiasts; I would like to share a nightmare of an experience that I recently had to endure. I have been in the process of completing a concours correct, full rotisserie restoration on a 1969 R code. One day out of the blue in February of 2015, I received a...
  14. Cougars Wanted
    Hello, Having a bit of a mid-life crisis and want to have at least one more Cougar. Looking for an interesting '67 or '68 Cougar in terms of a rare option package like a Gurney, GT or a clone. Most interested in a survivor/driver, but have done a lot of work on my Cougars in the past and am...
  15. 69-70 Parts for Sale
    For Sale is a Nearly Complete 1969 XR-7 Interior. Dash Pad, Dash, Console, Front Buckets, Rear Seats, Rear Panels, and Door Panels. Comes with Gauges, 33,000miles on Odometer. Driver seat is the only one that has tears. 3 tears in it. Other seats are in great condition. Dash Pad is not faded or...
  16. Cougars Wanted
    Hey-oh! I know this one probably isn't that popular, but I'm looking to buy a 1977-1979 Mercury Cougar XR7. I had one when I was young and I want another. I want to restore it. I live in Kentucky so if anyone has a line on one please let me know (I'll pay to have the right one shipped). I...
  17. Parts Wanted
    Looking for xr7 door panels in good condition.
  18. Classic Cougar Tech
    Hi, I'm new to this forum so I hope i posted this in the right spot. Can anyone identify this part? I recently had an altercation with a curb that broke a tie rod and my rim, and now the back end tire doesn't sit straight when I let it off the jack. I looked at both sides and found this piece to...
  19. Cougars for Sale
    I recently acquired a 1973 all original xr-7 351c 4V convertible in an estate sale - vin code: 3F94Q5449233 Looking to sell COMPLETE - all complete minus the radiator - HATE TO SCRAP WILL SEND ANY PICS YOU WANT OR MORE INFO. THANKS DEREK LANDIS [email protected] 6104761468
  20. Cougars for Sale
    68 Cougar for sale. $7950 obo. Buffalo, NY area. Details on Craigslist: - Mike (ECI)
1-20 of 108 Results