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  1. Classic Cougar Tech
    I changed my stock 4 row radiator for an aluminum 4 row radiator and the car cools a lot better. However, the thermostat gauge does start creeping up again after having driven for a while, and this especially happens when I'm sitting in traffic. So I'm debating on switching over to an electric...
  2. Classic Cougar Tech
    Hello all. Tim here Bgrants son. My a/c compressor went and leaning towards getting a new one rather than rebuilding it. Any advice on what to get. My car is a 68, 302 and had factory a/c. Thanks in advance :)
  3. Classic Cougar Tech
    Can't find a thread to address my specific problem and question. The engine only overheats at idle over a 5-10 minute span. At highway speeds it does not overheat and runs in the normal range (slightly below half). I pulled out the thermostat to check it, and it is a cleveland thermostat...
1-3 of 3 Results