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  1. High Performance
    Hi, Hope everyone is doing well. Thinking of switching my auto 3 speed with a TKX 5 speed manual on my 1968 cat to do justice to the 351C 4V. Do I have to modify the 3inch drive shaft in any way? or the driveshaft tunnel? Also thinking of putting headers there :D Some advice please - I...
  2. 69-70 Parts for Sale
    Hello. I am interested in converting my '69 auto to a 4 speed and looking for a reasonably priced power brake, manual transmission pedal assembly. Thank you. Brian Location: Columbus, Ohio
  3. Classic Cougar Tech
    It looks like I will be trading my 2005 Mustang GT for a 68 J Code XR7 with a C-6. I am looking to makes some performance changes. I currently have siting in my garage a 331 stroker with a bell housing, clutch linkage, and top loader 4 speed from a 1966 mustang. Will this fit in a 68 cougar?
  4. 67-68 Parts for Sale
    Manual steering drag link, 1 1/8" Sector Pitman arm, roller idler arm. If you want manual steering, this is a great chance to get it all at the same time. These were put on my car about 1 year ago and has not been driven that much. PM if interested! Thanks.
  5. High Performance
    Hi, I have almost reached the end of my 1968 Cougar restoration project, but I'm not happy with the front and rear drum brakes. I've found this interesting Hydraulic Brake Booster: Has anyone tried out one of these, or something similar...
  6. Cougar Community Discussion
    Hey Guys, just got the coug out of the shop, got a guy to take out the old 3spd, put in the new clutch/t5 for about 300 which seems pretty solid to me. Drives great and back to prowling the USC campus! I do realize after looking at this picture that I need to re-adjust the console. The...
1-6 of 6 Results