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  1. 196 Cougar XR7 Console Wiring Diagram

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Trying to add a console to my 69 XR7. The wiring harness for the console looks pretty complex for something that only has a cigarette lighter as the only electrical component. The 69 wiring diagram manual doesn't show any wiring diagrams for the console. Can anybody point to a wiring diagram...
  2. Wanted - 1967 or 1968 XR7 Manual Transmission Interior Center Console

    67-68 Parts for Sale
    Greetings, I'm restoring my 1968 Cougar, xr-7, and in need of a manual transmission Interior center console. I'll consider any condition and color, but my preference is good condition and black color. Regards, John
  3. center console

    67-68 Parts for Sale
    Comes with the radio with ipod hook up 225.00 I have the bottom part to the console to for extra 75.00
  4. 71-73 Console Clock

    Cougar Community Discussion
    Anyone have any restoration work done on their 71-73 console clock? Where did you send it out or what did you do to get it working again? Mine's not working but looks pretty clean.
  5. Aftermarket shifter

    High Performance
    Just wondering if anyone has come across an aftermarket (cable) shifter that will fit my stock (console) shifter location? I've got a '69 XR7 w/ Cleveland,C6