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  1. Cougar Community Discussion
    hello, anyone traveling thru Cleveland on way to Detroit for the 50th let me know, I plan on leaving some time on Thursday, so if you want to caravan let me know..... also I can host a camper or 2 at my home if you plan on coming thru earlier, can also take site seeing in zcleveland or car...
  2. Classic Cougar Tech
    My distributor is sitting towards the passengar side. is that normal in a 351 cleveland?
  3. High Performance
    Don't be fooled by misleading claims in Dart's literature that they make an aftermarket Cleveland block. They do not. What they make is an alloy block with a 9.2 deck height after the design of a Windsor block. They also make Windsor blocks that use cleveland size main bearings for lower...
  4. 351C

    the engine bay needs a little bit of cleaning but its getting there(camera phone pic)
  5. 1970 Coupe

    This is how I found it Feb 04. 26k original miles. 351C - FMX. Runs great, but needs a lot of TLC.
1-5 of 5 Results