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  1. IDEA: Black Plastidip for rear tail light bezels?!?!

    Classic Cougar Tech
    Ok so I know I'm new here but I've been reading and learning. Three weeks ago I bought a 1970 XR-7 Medium Ivy Green with white vinyl top and white interior. I will create a more formal post introducing myself and my car later. My credentials are below :) ...
  2. Looking for recomendations for chrome platers in the Northeast

    Cougar Community Discussion
    Looking for recommendations for chrome platers in the Northeast. I just hate when you get quoted a price and it ends up being much higher. Al
  3. 390 parts and Chrome

    67-68 Parts for Sale
    67/68 Passenger and driver side center grill moulding. Three piece set of rear trim Taillight bezels Front and Rear bumpers 390 4V Air cleaner base, lid, and snorkel 67 289 w/ CA emission Air cleaner base, lid, and snorkel [email protected]