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  1. 69-70 Parts for Sale
    Hello everyone. I have some leftover unused new parts from my engine rebuild and am offering them to the budget minded re-builder. My engine kit came with these parts but I decided to use different parts. These are new in box, never installed, in original packaging. Cam even comes with assembly...
  2. High Performance
    I'm drawing up some plans for after I finish my T5 swap. I plan on switching out the cam among other things. The hope is to eventually be pushing around 300 horses at some point (my T5 is being built for it so I can't go too much higher even if I want to). Supposedly if I were to use the...
  3. High Performance
    Hi guys, I purchased a cam for my 351 Boss back in the 1990's from Ford Motorsport but I can't remember the duration. It's lift is 0.510 intake and 0.515 or 0.520 exhaust. Does anybody have more details, even a catalog number? Thanks James
  4. Cougar Community Discussion
    Hey guys, just been fooling around with an engine I got laying around and I found some pretty neat things. It's an 87 HO mustang engine and I like what I'm seeing so far. It has forged TRW pistons and Forged I beam rods, so thats an upgrade I'm taking advantage of, According to Joe Sherman...
  5. Classic Cougar Tech
    Survey question: Would you buy a high Zinc Phosphorous oil blended specifically for classic V8's? A package of 6 quarts would retail for $40 with free shipping in the contiguous 48 states. Background details: As most of you are aware, the major oil companies have removed zinc and...
  6. Cougar Community Discussion
    Has anyone ever tried this? is it even possible? what affects would it have on an engine? Teflon -polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is an ultra-modern, thermo-set, self-lubricating coating, chemically bonded to a phenolic-epoxy base so it’s highly resistant to scratches and abrasion. The...
1-6 of 6 Results